Welcome to our most Frequently Asked Questions! Below is a list of questions we think you might have, but if you have a question that’s not answered, please drop us a like at info@militarymoving.ca or click here to direct message us. You can also read our Help section. Click here to be automatically directed.

Q:How does this work?

A:It’s very simple; we hope to connect buyers and sellers within our military community. Those who are posted and have a home to sell or rent out, and those who are posted in to those locations who want to buy or rent or who are going IR.
If you’re selling or renting out, create an account and upload your listing. A step by step guide on how to do this can be found on our Help page. Anyone can browse our pages and when a potential buyer wants to get in touch, they will click the envelope icon that will show on your listing. You will receive an email directly to the email address you have registered with, OR if you have chosen to have any questions or correspondence sent to your realtor or representative, they will receive the email. You can then chat independently with any interested party.
We also have a very comprehensive list of Community Partners across the country who are all professionals in their respective fields and who ALL have military links or liaise with our community on a regular basis. You’ll be able to click on specific individuals or companies and get info from them quickly, without pages and pages of internet results and ‘needle-in-a-haystack’ searches. So if you need a lawyer for closing, or you’d like to seek out your own home inspector or stager, you’ll find it here.

Q:I have a realtor. Why should I list myself?

A:Exposure! Military Moving doesn’t take the place of a realtor or any moving professional, but we do offer a niche advertising opportunity to show your home to those looking for a property, and quickly.
Realtors themselves are listing the properties they have and it may be that your realtor is already on our page. But if not, you can list it independently, have a link to your MLS listing under your realtor and get any inquiries from prospective purchasers or renters sent to them.
Check with your realtor if they will be advertising your home on Military Moving themselves!

Q:How long does my listing last for?

A:For as long as you want! There is no time limit to your listing; it will stay active for as long as it needs to be. Once you sell or rent your property you can click on the ‘Sold’ or ‘Rented’ icon in your account to update things or simply remove/delete the home. Your FREE account or your paid-for listing is a ONE TIME only payment. Right now, all accounts are FREE. Simply enter
onthehouse as the Coupon Code on the payment page and you will receive your listing for free. Original price is $9.99

Q:What’s the differences between the packages?

A:We want to make Military Moving accessible to all, and so everyone can have a FREE listing, which gives you the ability to upload five photos, fill in a full description of the home, and get a link to your MLS page/listing if you have one.
If you would like to upload more photos then you'd choose our Premium package. This package offers the best value, with the option to add 25 photos, two videos and have all your content shared across our social media pages . The choice is yours as to which better suits your needs. Right now, our Premium Listing is also FREE. Original price is $9.99, but as we launch, get your listing for FREE when you enter coupon code onthehouse at checkout.

Q:If I have more than one property to list, how does that work?

A:If you’re not a realtor and have more than one home to list, please contact us. You can list as many properties as you'd like through your account, but we'd like to offer you a discount when doing so 🙂
Please contact us at info@militarymoving.ca for a special coupon code to use at checkout.

Q:Is the information I have given you secure?

A:Absolutely! All personal information that you provide is stored securely in our encrypted database via an SSL certificate. We adhere strictly to privacy laws and governance and you can read our Privacy policy here. All payment information is handled by Stripe, our third-party ecommerce provider. Military Moving has no access at all to any of your credit card details or payment information.

Q:I’d love to advertise my company on your website. How do I do this?

A:Please Contact Us or email info@militarymoving.ca and we will send you an electronic advertising package and rate card.