Thank you again for your interest in Military Moving Canada.

It is imperative to me that everyone who becomes a part of the Military Moving family has links to the military or is a supporter of our community. Please let me know if you have any personal story or if there’s anything specific you’re involved with that helps the Canadian Forces directly or indirectly. We are always looking to highlight those who help us, through articles, blogs and news updates (at no charge at all!) So if you have a story that we can further promote, please reach out to me at

Our Realtor Listings Membership (RLM) is based on a monthly price of $149 plus HST (Ontario) (annual price of $1788) which gives you the benefits of unlimited listings for sale or rent. You can add as many photos as needed per listing, as well as a video/Dollhouse, and your MLS and website links. As you are aware, as military members posted across the country, we are a dedicated group of purchasers and renters who have tight deadlines to meet. We also move often and contrary to popular belief, all throughout the year!

With your RLM, you will have your own realtor account and be able to actively upload listings in real time, and manage your available inventory. Potential buyers will be able to click on your listings and be directed to your email or website. You will also be able to liaise with motivated buyers (and sellers) who are looking for the kind of properties you have to offer.

As a thank you for your support as we launch, we are offering 25% OFFa one year subscription, paid in advance – a saving of $447* for the year.  If you would prefer to pay monthly, we are offering a 10% saving– a saving of $14.90** a month ($149 for the year)

All Realtor subscriptions are based on a one-year term, at the fixed price of $149/month, plus HST, less our discounts. Billing is automatically to the credit card you list in your account, either as a one off payment, or each month. When you fill in your account to begin, please select whether you will be paying one-time only, or in monthly installments. Please be sure to update your card details if you change provider or if expiry is within the next 12 months. You will receive a receipt from us once payment is processed, but if you require anything further in writing, please contact us at You will also be able to view your purchase activity in your Account. Please ‘click here’ to read our full Terms and Conditions.

We also have the opportunity for separate advertising as part of our Community Partners pages, where you can purchase banner ads and sponsor pages and sections. Please email me directly at for further details.

Again, thank you sincerely for your interest and support.


Caroline Inman


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*pay $1251.60 instead of $1788

** pay $131.40 per month instead of $149