Whether you’re looking to buy your next home near your posted location, rent it or secure an IR listing, we hope you’ll find it here.

Military Moving doesn’t take the place of a realtor, or the management company assisting with the relocation and move process. Moreover it is the first step in looking for your next home, and rather than browse the internet and do lots of research on your own, it links you with fellow CF members, who are also moving.

Military Moving is a database of properties across Canada that are owned by military personnel or by those looking to serve the military population. We are our own community of CF members who have homes for sale or rent and CF members looking to buy or rent their next home. What better way to begin your home search in a new area than by seeing what listings are available and being sold or rented by fellow CF members? They will have far more detail on the location and specifics that will be relevant to you, and we give them the opportunity to expand their listing by answering specific questions; How far is the home from base? What transit is near? Which schools are in its catchment area? What parks or recreation complexes are nearby?

If you’re looking to buy or rent, browse away! This service is free to use and we hope you connect with your next new home. If you are selling or renting your home, please Sign Up to create an account, at the top right of the page. If you have any questions, check out our Info tab, which has FAQ’s and helpful tips. If you need anything further, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.